Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Journal Play

Whew, hi all,  how's it going??? I've been soo bad at blogging, it's so hard to find time to create and blog about it as well! But alas, I'm here now, I can feel guilt free for at least a little while:) Lately, I've been in Art Journaling heaven!!! As a scrapper, I've always played with mixed media, but never in an Entire little journal
just for me and my ramblings! I've been hanging out on ustream, and have found a wonderful little art community full of inspiration and encouragement! As a matter of fact, I've even streamed a few videos;):)
Here are some pics of my pages, there's still plenty of room for the journaling, that will come.... either with my wine or my coffee:):)

I hope you are all able to make time for creative play in your days! Thanks for stopping by:)
Hugs xx