Friday, January 13, 2012

Darcy's Postcard Challenge

 Hello art friends! I hope 2011 treated you well, and that you were able to make plenty of art! I myself have been engrossed in growing as an artist myself and having a ball! I've met some fantastic artists and friends on ustream and joined in several challenges. The most recent is hosted by Darcy! Check out her link to read all about the deets:) Here is my postcard book and first card. 

I hope to update more regularly, (ya, I've said that before), and list more of last years projects soon!!! Santa brought me an iPad, so I'm learning to post to blogger from it. I'm crossing my fingers this post works and that this process will make it easier for me to stay current:):) 

Hugs and inky paint stained fingers:)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art Journal Play

Whew, hi all,  how's it going??? I've been soo bad at blogging, it's so hard to find time to create and blog about it as well! But alas, I'm here now, I can feel guilt free for at least a little while:) Lately, I've been in Art Journaling heaven!!! As a scrapper, I've always played with mixed media, but never in an Entire little journal
just for me and my ramblings! I've been hanging out on ustream, and have found a wonderful little art community full of inspiration and encouragement! As a matter of fact, I've even streamed a few videos;):)
Here are some pics of my pages, there's still plenty of room for the journaling, that will come.... either with my wine or my coffee:):)

I hope you are all able to make time for creative play in your days! Thanks for stopping by:)
Hugs xx

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Homemade pound cake with Citrus glaze and Jazzed up Blackberries!

Hi all, hope you are doing well! Just wanted to share some of my favorite baking creations!!! This pound cake was soooo scrumptious, it didn't last long! Cooking, and art are one of my favorite ways to destress:)
I made the pound cake from scratch, and used my moms orange juice glaze recipe for the icing. I also love blackberries, and decided to Jazz em up a bit by marinating them in blackberry cassis liquor and sugar!!! YUM, YUM, YUM:) I'll be happy to share recipes if anyone is interested:)
Have a good one:)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thankful Me

Wahooo can you guess how much paint and ink and modge podge I have all over the place!!:):) Well its so worth it! To create with free abandon is so good for the soul:) I have created this art journal after taking Heidi Kelley's class called B You! She is a teacher at Miss Arts Papercrafting School. This class covers mixed media application and so much more!!!!
I've not finished the journaling yet, that will come when the mood hits. Probably with my morning coffee:)

Thank you looking and I hope you get some creative play soon too!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

These are the days of Miracle & Wonder

TCR #63
I'm having a blast trying to keep up with the color room palettes! These colors are yet again not what I would gravitate to, but as the layout comes together I love em! I tried REALLY hard to use less "STuff" on this layout, and go for a more simpler look.... (not an easy task for me:)  I used stitching, crackle paste, shimmmerz, glitter and my trusty quickie glue pen. The fonts were cut out with my Silhouette, (which I'm still learning how to use:), and then dressed up with crackle glossy accents!

Thanks for stopping by and looking, (excuse the pics, I'm trying to remember how to take and crop them again:) The lighting is off and the colors aren't showing true.....if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know! Have a good one:)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You bring such joy!

Whew,what a tough palette for me! This is the first time I've ever played in the color room, and orange is not one of my favorite go to colors.....but I'm pleased with how this turned out! What a really cool site! They have GORGEOUS plalettes and sketches! I found them from one of my favorite artists sites  Heidi is a fantastic artist and has great tutorials. She's truly inspirational!
For this challenge we could only use the 4 colors in the palatte, and no other neutrals.... it really was tough, but fun!
My DD Brenah is 17 now, (holy cannoli time flys) and I found this pic after we moved and it beggged to be scrapped. She was 8 in this pic and super sweet:) Not any of the teenage moodiness, or drama:):):)
I used everything I could get my hands on in this page. Texture paste, shimmerz and shimmer spritz, prima flowers, and pretty much anything that was in arms reach:) Thanks for looking, hope you get some creative play time too!

YIPPEEE!!! I'm scrapping again!!!

WOW, it sure feels good to be creating! It's been wWAY too long:) SOOO much has happened since my last post. We no longer live in Houston, we've been relocated to Tulsa Ok and have been here for almost a year!! I'm finally feeling setteled enough to scrap again!! And boy it feels GOOD:) Everyone is adjusting well and I must say Tulsa is a lovely town! We sure do miss our family and friends though.... which is what led me to scrap this pic of Mom, Brenah and myself! My folks came visit us for Christmas, and we three decided to each knit a "one skein hat in a day"!!! It was an all day long pajama affair and a blast!!! It doesn't get much better than crafting with your mom and daughter:) Thanks so much for looking, I hope you all are doing well and good:)
(p.s. its been so long since I posted, I've got to relearn how to upload and post things:):) I feel old:)
Have a good one