Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My newest creations!

Hi everyone! Good day to you:) I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and got gobs of candy:):) We sure did, and I am still eating it!, I just can't seem to make myself throw it away...Anyhoo, it's been wonderfully busy around here. Button OBSCESSED is what I have become....constantly dreaming and seeing button patterns everywhere I look:):) I am SICK I tell ya:) Just SICK:):) Soooo here are my latest beauties!!! Loooovvve me some silver and blue, with a dash of red! Mom and I went on a quilting retreat this past weekend
on Lake Conroe! Everyone, but me was quilting away, I made BUTTONS:):):)

It's been years since I've been able to go, and so good to catch up with everyone:) These ladies are so uber talented!!! To just be surrounded by such talent is a huge dose of inspiration!!! I designed this button set from a swatch of fabric from my friend Mary's stash!!!! And will post some soon that were inspired from a painting that was in our lunch restaurant!

Have you noticed my new bog look? What do you think? Leave me some feedback in the comments or in the new chat box! Mom and I have decided to try our hand at an Etsy store. She will create handmade, handsewn embellishments, and I'll create buttons!! If you havn't ever shopped Etsy, check it out! We love the idea of supporting other artisans! Oh, I'll be posting some blog candy soon, so stay tuned!!!
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  1. These are terrific Jamie..I love all your great buttons.. I am a huge fan.. I used your tutorial the other day and it was awesome..Keep on keeping...

  2. Love LOVe LOVE your buttons!!! They're absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see more!


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