Friday, January 29, 2010

Buttons, and Fencing!

Hi everyone, hope you are all having a great week! Since my last post, the big release at Taylored Expressions, well it's simply been HAIR ON FIRE CRAZY!!!!! A huge honkin Thank You, to everyone for your fabulous comments and feedback on my buttons and frameabellies!! The positive response is just overwhelming!!! My little Button Boutique has been crazy busy!! The buttons and frames SOLD OUT super fast, and I have been remaking more orders as fast as my fingers can!  It's pretty awesome to see my little clay babies come to life on your projects:):)!! There is no better reward:):) I've also created a new set of custom buttons for Taylor, so stay tuned for those!!! All this clay magic leaves little time for me to ink up my new rubbah, but oh well:):) I did get to create a couple of button sets for Valentines day, that I need to post in Etsy....there's just not enough hours in the day:)
We also had a fantastic fencing tournament this weekend! My daughter (the one on the left), is 15, and  has qualified for the Junior Olympics again this year!! WAHOOO!! So we are headed to Memphis in Feb!! I just had to share this pic of her scoring a touch! See the little red light, that's what happens when her blade hits the target! Her light is red, and the opponents is greeen!!(Which really helps when you can't get close enough!) She won 5th place in this event which was a mixed women's competition,(meaning all ages)! We are super proud, and It was sooo much fun!
Thanks for stopping by:)
Happy Creating

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