Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Polymer Clay Play!

Hi everyone! I hope you all have had tons of creative play time!!!! Because I suuuureeee have:):) Sorry I have been a bad blogger, it's been "hair on fiire crazy" around here! Which is a good thing:):) I've been teaching private classes on my tile and mini album! And have another still this Sunday. Anyhoo, now on to today's project! If you have never played with poymer clay, it's pretty darn cool I must say! I made my own buttons and faux metal tag! All supplies used are Stampin Up except for the clay, (which was white in color)!

Here are my very first buttons!Pretty cool eh? Here are the steps:
  • Roll out white clay with a roller, or a pasta machine to an even thickness on parchment paper
  • I used a spool of thread to cut out the buttons, (guittermann thread to be exact:) in cookie cutter fashion

  • Use your embossing buddy to pat the back of your stamp with powder, this keeps the clay from sticking to your stamp!! (It makes your stamp have white powder on the back, but don't worry, it washes right off!!)

  • Stamp your buttons, I used the En Francis background stamp #109521 pg. 134. Practice on a extra piece to determine the right amount of pressure. If you press too hard, you'll flatten your button too much, not hard enough, and you won't get the image.

  • Bake in oven per directions on your clay package, I used premo by sculpy. Hardens in oven at 275 degrees for 30 min per 1/4 inch thickness. (So I baked my for 15 min, on a piece of parchment paper in an oven safe pan.)

  • Once buttons cool, then I rubbed them down with chocolate chip ink, old olive ink, and ruby red ink. I used my fingers and tried really hard to get most of the ink into the stamped impression. Going for that awesome vintage look!!

  • Now I wanted them shiny!!! So, I simply dropped the button facedown on the versamark ink pad to coat the topside, and then dropped it into clear embossing powder!!! Used my heat tool and Voila!!!!! My very own shiny buttons!!!! I know Stampin Up carries lovely buttons, but we don't have them in every color and with this technique, you can coordinate your handmade embellishements with the stamped images on your card, or scrapped page!!!! LOOVVe it!!!

Now for the piece de resistance! My favorite deisgner label hardware tag!!!! I created this in the same fashion as the buttons, I just used the hardward as a cooking cutter and then stamped it with the "for you" sentiment from the Great Friend stamp set! #113792 pg. 107, and then painted it with our AWESOME new Platinum Shimmer Paint in the holiday mini!! #116807 pg. 27! If you haven't tried this paint, you must, it simply rocks!!! It's very opaque and looks like metal!!!! I just baked this shape and painted it, no need to emboss it!!! What do you guys think about this pfoject? Let me know under the comments underneath this post! Would you like a how-to video???? Have a great day my friends! I've got tons of projects to upload!!! See you soon!

Hugs and Ink


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  1. OH my gosh this is awesome. What an incredible job you did.. I am so bad at trying things out myself..These are fabulous... I need to try this.. Thanks so much for sharing.. Your scrapping is wonderful.. I am terrible at scrapbooks...

  2. Girl, you so smart! Love this stuff. Maybe one day I can give YOU an idea. =]

  3. I am SO in love with these!! Thanks for writing out the directions, I need to give it a try!


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